How the Current Market will Affect the Self Storage Industry – Q&A

How do you think that Covid 19 will affect Occupancy Rates in Self Storage Facilities? I think that occupancy rates will go up. Real estate is driven by events in peoples lives. Typically, those events are negative like divorce, job loss, relocation, downsizing, or death. Covid 19 is causing a recession that has already cost […]

Is Self Storage Safe?

Looking for a safe place to put your money during the Coronavirus market upheaval? Here are 4 things to consider about the Self-Storage industry. The coronavirus is spreading more than germs these days. Stock markets are filled with the fear of what is to come from the coronavirus and so they are dropping fast; people […]

The Feasibility Study

Now that you have done all your preliminary research, it is time to order the Feasibility Study. This study is crucial to getting your loan approved. It is crucial to knowing whether you have really found a good deal or if you are just trying to make the numbers work. Finally, it is critical to […]

Evaluating a Self-Storage Facility– How Do I Evaluate The Area?

You have found the perfect property, you have run the numbers, evaluated the neighborhood and it still looks like a great investment. Now you need to check the supply index. The supply index tells you if the market is oversaturated or if the market is undersaturated. This tells you if there is more demand for […]

Evaluating a Self-Storage Facility – How Much Should I Offer?

Hopefully all your research has paid off and you have found a property that you are interested in making an offer on. Now you need to know if it is a good deal or if it is something that you are even interested in making an offer on. If you are interested in a property, […]

How to Find Self-Storage Facilities

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Storage Units

With the Coronavirus shutting down the economy, people are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios into something that is more stable than the stock market or other types of real estate. Self-storage is a very secure form of real estate investing. So how do you find self-storage properties? These properties are often held onto […]

Working with Agents

Finding the perfect agent is sometimes not a perfect experience.  You may find that you must go through several agents before you find the right one.  Do not give up if you have a bad experience the first time.  Remember that this process is a little like dating.  You are looking for a longterm relationship. […]

Fed Rate Cuts lead to better Self-Storage Opportunities

This is a fantastic time to be looking for self-storage. With interest rates dropping and federal incentives to boost SBA loans, there is money available for investors who want to purchase self-storage properties. The Fed just cut interest rates to between 0 and .25%. Why would you want to purchase self-storage in this uncertain time? […]

A constant in Troubled Times – Self Storage

The coronavirus is not only deadly, it is toppling the stock market, bringing down the service industry and creating a global recession. However, there is one industry that hasn’t been affected negatively. I know that you are thinking toilet paper, but I was thinking self-storage. Self-storage is a timeless industry that prospers during troubled times. […]

Why Too Many Self Storage Owners Aren’t Wealthy

I know, I know, the title might seem ironic, but it’s true.  Despite ALL the income that is available for owners of self storage facilities, I don’t see enough of them making real money. Why is that? Well, in my experience, the biggest challenge most of them have is they are looking at the entire […]

It’s This Week!

Self Storage Investors

If you haven’t already made your plans – or they fell through – then maybe that’s a sign you should be joining me at my Self Storage Academy in Orlando this week.  We’re going to be hosting it in Orlando, so there’s an even better reason – the weather should be great (or a least […]

So Where Are All the Deals At?

Self Storage Investors

Boy, I hear this ALL the time!  “Scott, I can’t find any off-market facilities around me!” The truth is, you might not for one simple fact – people who want to sell their self storage facilities put them up for sale.  On the other hand, though, there are a lot of operators in any market […]

Doing It On Your Own

In America, there’s a sort of strange legend that’s grown up around our great entrepreneurs as “self made.” NOTHING could be farther from the truth!  Every time you study one of them, you realize they had built several advantages into their lives to create success.   Don’t believe it?  Well, let’s look at a few: Ray […]

Get Ready to DOMINATE!

Here’s a simple fact – if you are – or want to be – a real estate investor, you have to have goals that suggest a plan and a plan that compliments your goals. Yin and yang. Salt and pepper. Cookies and milk. Yet again and again, I see new investors and even more experienced […]

New Year, New You?

So we’re week into the New Year and for some folks, the resolutions they made have already fallen by the wayside.  Now, I’m not a professional, but having seen a few New Year’s Eves and made my share of resolutions, I’d like to offer some advice: Most resolutions fail because they were simply empty statements.  […]

Happy Holidays? Merry Christmas!

Self Storage Investing

I hope this holiday season has been a blessing to you and that, as we close out 2019, you’ve been as successful as you planned ALL year. I’m writing this post though, not to share knowledge about the self storage industry and my involvement in it for so many years, but to wish you all […]

Partnering With Multiple Investors – Syndicating for Investment

Self Storage Investors

Partnering With Multiple Investors – Syndicating for Investment Ever since my team posted the Self Storage Investing “Six Step Process to Private Lending” we’ve gotten a boat-load of folks asking us all types of questions about how “private money” works, especially in Self Storage, but also in all other types of real estate investment. Honestly, […]

Making Your Own Private Money…

Investing in Self Storage

Making Your Own Private Money… You guys continue to amaze me!  In the last couple of weeks, ever since my team posted “Our Six Step Process to Private Lending” PDF, we’ve fielded a lot of calls from folks wanting to learn more. Private Lending is an often-misunderstood category of real estate and self storage, but […]

Private Money Checklist

Invest in Storage Units

Private Money Checklist I’ve had a lot of folks asking me about a little PDF my team put together last week about “Our Six Step Process to Private Lending” and I wanted to give you guys a little “deeper” response.  For a lot of newer investors, the idea of private money can be VERY daunting, […]

Call Centers – The Pros and Cons – Part 2

Private Money Self Storage Investing

In our previous article, we covered the pros of call centers in a self storage facility business. But as we said, there are always two sides of the coin. Let’s talk about the cons. Cons Its no secret that putting facets of business into the hands of others can be scary and stressful. It is […]

Call Centers- The Pros and Cos – Part 1

Mezzanine Investing

“Hello, please hold.” “Yes, let me transfer your call” “Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the like and your call will be ordered in the order it was received.” Have you ever been on the receiving end of this kind of poor customer service? What about when you are put on […]

Boosting Revenue with Moving Truck Rentals – Part 3

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

So we have coved the things that should be considered in deciding whether you want to be a dealer or an owner and what things you need to get into place before you officially open business to the public. Now we want to chat about the best practices you can follow if you are looking […]

Boosting Revenue with Moving Truck Rentals – Part 2

Self Storage Professional

In our previous article, we touched on the benefits of having moving truck rentals available at your facility. Let’s continue the discussion and cover a few more points that should be considered in making such a big decision. The financial health of your business really needs to be your top priority when you are trying […]

Boosting Revenue with Moving Truck Rentals – Part 1

Self Storage Investing

Are you considering adding truck rentals to your business? If done correctly, this addition can be an excellent way to increase the profits of your facility while making your facility more convenient for your renters. Moving truck rentals and retail sales are some of the best cross-promotional, revenue boosting services that you could enhance your […]

How to Get Your Self Storage Facility Involved in Your Community

Real Estate Investing

This may sound like a silly, extra time consuming things to do, but it is truly a great way to boost your business! Community involvement is one of the easiest ways to make your business name known and to show that you are not only looking out for yourself and your business, but that you […]

Smart Ways to Increase the Value of Your Facility

Self Storage Private Money

When you are a self storage facility owner, you quickly learn that the key to making money is to push the facility to be worth more than what you paid for it. There is a well-established formula for doing this. Here are a few of the top tips that can be applied to any facility. […]

10 Traits of a Well Rounded Self Storage Manager

Self Storage Units

Today’s storage facility manager is not someone who simply stands behind a counter and mindlessly takes payments and answers phones. These managers need to be able to handle a wide range of duties. These range from having great customer service skills, to the ability to preform maintenance, basic marketing skills. They will also need to […]

10 Times Self Storage Made It On To the Big Screen

Self Storage Analysis Software

It is no surprise that self storage facilities make their way onto our tv screens relatively frequently. They are in the backgrounds of tv shows and movies. Most commonly, though, they appear in crime shows! Because of that they have a sense of mystique and danger. Let’s look at 10 shows and movies that have […]

How Can You Add Value to Your Self Storage Facility?

Commercial Real Estate Storage Investing

As a business owner, there is just something about increasing the value of your business that bring a special kind of joy. Maybe you are trying to increase business, or market appeal to sell. Or maybe, you just want the best business you can build! Regardless of the reasons, here are 10 ways you can […]

How Can Military Families Best Utilize Self Storage?

Investing in Self Storage Units

For many families, moving is not something that happens often. It isn’t uncommon for a family be in the same place while raising the children and for their first move to be when they grow up and move out onto their own. This isn’t the case, though, for military families. They know that frequent moves […]

How Can You Bring More Tech into Your Facility?

Self Storage Private Money

Technology is something that we are all having to learn and adapt to here in 2019. It seems like as soon as we conquer one new kind, it is either updated or replaced! It is imperative, though, that we bring this technology into our facilities. What kind of tech are we talking about? Check out […]

Maintenance Factors that Cannot be Overlooked

Self Storage Professional Storage Units

The duties of a self storage manager are many! With all that they have on their plates, let’s have a list of 10 maintenance reminders of things that cannot be overlooked. Spring Cleaning- Winter takes its toll on facilities. It can make them look dirty and unreputable in the spring! Spring cleaning should include checking […]

Why Self Storage Will Continue to be Needed

Investing in Commercial Storage Units

Welcome to our next article series. There are so many different things to cover when talking about self storage. For this series, we want to go behind the scenes of ownership and management, talk about some storage tips and tricks, and even tell some humorous stories. Join us below for the first article “Why Self […]

Lock It Up – 4 Lock Tips

Invest in Storage Units

When you think about the operations of a self storage facility, what are some of the first things that pop into your head? The all metal construction? Moving trucks? What about the locks? Locks may seem like a small, insignificant aspect, but without them self storage facilities would cease to function properly! Let’s talk about […]

Save Money By Being Proactive

Private Placement - Scott Meyers

We live in a world that could be described as “sue happy”. People are ALWAYS looking for a reason to enter into a lawsuit.  Coffee being too hot. Careless Falls. With just a quick google search you can drum up hundreds of frivolous lawsuits. There is no reason, though, that you should have to endure […]

Vinyl is Alive! – How to Help Your Customer Store it Properly

Storage Units

I was walking down the aisle in Walmart the other day when a display caught my eye. It was an entire shelf FULL of vinyl albums! I haven’t seen those in stores in so long I can’t even give you an approximation. That made me curious so I did some “Googling” and came up with […]

Self Storage Is A Perfect Investment – Recap

Self Storage Investing - Scott Meyers

We have taken the past 10 blogs to discuss various reasons why investing in self storage is such an incredible investment sector. Let’s take this final article in the series to recap what we learned. Penny #1 – “No trash, no toilets” – This, I think, is one of my favorite points! With self storage , […]

Self Storage – As Reliable as the Sun – Penny #10

Scott Meyers - Invest in Self Storage

Real estate investing is not something earth shatteringly new, right? It is something that has been done in one form or another since the beginning of humankind. In our final penny, #10, of “Why Self Storage is a Dime”, we are going to chat about how self storage is a stable market to be investing […]

Self Storage Facilities are Easy to Manage- Penny #9

Scott Meyers - Self Storage Evaluator

Just joking! The word easy and manage are two words that don’t really coincide well together. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? With that being said, though, self storage facilities really are not that difficult to manage once you have identified what needs to be done, the time frame in which […]

Self Storage and the College Student – Penny #8

Invest in Storage Units

Welcome to penny #8 in why self storage investing is a “dime”. Today we are going to talk about self storage and the college student. College students are one of the reasons why self storage will never die! In 2018 there were 16 million college students in the US. Putting that into perspective that’s almost […]

Seasonal Upkeep of a Self-Storage Facility – Penny #7

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Hello, hello! Welcome to penny #7 of why self-storage investing is a “dime”. Today I wanted to talk about the seasonal upkeep of storage facilities. It doesn’t matter if you live in the tropics, the tundra, or the desert, you will need to have a plan in action for seasonal upkeep. It is true that […]

Walk the Halls – Inside Access Self-Storage Facilities – Penny #6

Private Placement Memorandums

In last weeks article we talked about drive up self-storage facilities and what kind of storage they are good for. This week, I want to chat for a bit about inside access facilities. These facilities are indoor storage units are only accessible through hallways inside of a large building. When Should You Use an Inside […]

Drive-Ups – Not Just For The Movies! – Penny #5

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Welcome back to our next article about why self-storage investing is a “dime”. With there being varying types of facilities to purchase or buy, it is important to consider each varying type to decide which is best for you and for the area you will be marketing to. Today, we will be considering drive-up facilities. […]

Endless Growth- From Household Storage to Boats and Rvs – Penny #4

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Welcome to the fourth “penny” of why self-storage investing is a “dime”. You want to make sure that you are prepared in knowing what kind of storage you want to have. Do you want to specialize in one kind? Or would you like to appeal to the masses and be a jack of all trades? […]

Self-Storage – Attractive –Without The Frills – Penny #3

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Storage Units

It is no secret that most self-storage facilities are all-metal constructions. Can you think of any other type of real-estate investment that shares that quality? I sure can’t! (Unless you are part of the ‘shipping box apartment’ trend, that is.) It may not be the ‘prettiest’ type of building, but there are some serious benefits […]

Introducing The Self-Storage “Terminator”- Penny #2

Mezzanine Investing

In addition to having to not deal with the “repair” of a residential rental, self-storage ownership has another great bonus! The ease of eviction. There are moments in the self-storage business that we all hate. But, I can GUARANTEE you one thing. Compared to the hassle of evicting a residential tenant, terminating the lease of […]

“No Trash, No Toilets” – Penny #1

Private Money

Welcome to our first article addressing why self-storage investing is a “dime”! To start out, I cannot even begin to tell you how life changing it is to not have to deal with just those two things. When I first began investing in real estate, I thought rental properties were the best! I bought houses […]

Why Self Storage is a Dime Among Pennies

Self Storage Investing - Scott Meyers

Picture this. You are walking down the street and you see a dirty penny on the ground. Trampled on by hundreds of other pedestrians. Is it going to stop you in your tracks? Will you go out of your way to go pick up that single penny? Probably not. What if it were a 1874 […]

What are Your Customers Looking For?

Self Storage Professional - Scott Meyers

Wouldn’t it help to know what your customers were thinking? If you could know what they were thinking, then you would know what they wanted and you could be at the top of your marketing game for your facility. What if I told you that I know what your customer was looking for? That there […]

Watch out for the writing on the wall – Part 2

Self Storage Investing - Red Flag

In part 1 of this blog, we talked about some “writing on the wall” that you should be looking for before entering into business at a new facility. There were a few more on that list that we wanted you to be on the lookout for! Check them out: Recent Rent Increase If the seller […]

Watch out for the writing on the wall – Part 1

Scott Meyers - Self Storage Evaluator

When you have finally made a self storage facility purchase, it is without a doubt an exciting time! How can you ensure though, that when you look in retrospect, that you don’t have any regrets? Keep on the watch for the “writing on the wall”! Check out these following things that you should be on […]

The Art of Negotiation

Scott Meyers - Investing in Storage Units

Buy real estate without entering into one form of negotiation or another is virtually unheard of. Sellers want more and the buyers want to pay less. Check out the top five lessons we have learned in the art of negotiation. Don’t be difficult to sell to. Without even knowing it, many buyers are their own […]

Pave the Way

Investing in Self Storage - Private Placement Memorandums

Since roadways became a “thing”, multitudes of materials have been used to create them. Sometimes they were just beaten down paths, other times granite paving stones were used. Some materials wore better than others. When it comes to your self storage facility, it will benefit you to take some time to consider what road materials […]

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel

Self Storage Analysis Software - Scott Meyers

When something works, why change it? In the world of self storage facilities, there is an obvious formula that works. Consider these reasons as to why you should avoid trying to “fix” something that is not broken. Stick with the basic You will find that most people have made the biggest amount of money have […]

Are you building a legacy?

Scott Meyers - Self Storage Analysis

Grandma’s china. Grandpa’s gun collection. Uncle Gary’s collection of rusty nails in coffee tins. Every American wants to have something to pass down to future generations. Will what they are leaving behind be something that is treasured? Or something that is just tossed aside? Let me tell you why a self storage facility makes a […]

Ask Scott: Estimated Expenses

Self Storage

“Hey Scott! When elevating Storage Units what rule of thumb do we use for estimated expenses?  50% rule?  60% rule because it is commercial?  When calculating vacancy and bad debt, do these have rule of thumb too?  Thanks!” Hello! An existing Facility that’s being properly managed should have an expense ratio of 32 – 35%, that is […]

Do You Need Residents to Make Money in Real Estate?

Storage Units Investing

Barbara Streisand once said “people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.” Do you agree that this is necessarily the case? Or do you think that in real estate people tend to only cause more problems? Your real estate build doesn’t NEED people to exist, but without people inside, you don’t get […]

Ask Scott: Interested in a MHP or Self Storage

Self Storage Evaluator - Scott Meyers

“My business partner and I have been purchasing residential rental properties in Topeka, KS for the last 13 years.  We are very interested in purchasing a smaller MHP +/- 30 pads in the KS or MO area.  We are also interested in self-storage in the same area.  These feel like the new rage now days […]

Who is the Quarterback on Your Team?

Self Storage Investing -Self Storage Professional

Just like in football, there is one member of your team that is going to carry the game. Do you know who this is? Your manager! They are absolutely vital to the success of your facility and not having the right one can be detrimental. The importance of having a good manager cannot be overlooked! […]

Strength in All Metal Construction

Private Placement Memorandums - Storage Professional

One of the most unique attributes of a self storage facility is that a large majority of them are all-metal constructions. Think about it, are there any other real estate asset class that shares this trait? Can you think of any advantages of an all metal structure? This isn’t a commonly discussed topic, but it […]

Ask Scott: Enough Land?

Investing in Storage Units

I currently own about 2 acres of property in upstate NY. I am trying to sell my restaurant that sits on that property. Since I am having difficulty selling it, I thought I would get creative. I thought about utilizing that property for storage space. If feasible, I would knock down the restaurant and produce […]

Ask Scott: 42-Unit Storage Facility

Investing in Storage Units

“Hey Scott- Here is the skinny on what we have in front of us. There is a 42-unit self storage facility listed on MLS with average rent of $65/unit; Built in 1998; located in TX. This is a mom-and-pop operation. The area is blue-collar and 3mi off a busy interstate. Annual expenses about $5-$6k. Asking […]

4 Final Easy Ways to Improve Your Storage Facility’s Impact on the Environment

Self Storage Investors - Private Money

We have previously discussed 7 important was to make your self storage facility more environmentally friendly. If you haven’t seen those previous articles, be sure to go check them out! Let’s chat about the final 4 ways you can do this to save yourself some money and to attract eco-conscious customers. 1.Weatherproof the facility! I […]

Ask Scott: What to do with $1Million?

Private Money - Self Storage Units

“What would you do in this market with $1 ml cash? We are at the top of the cycle and every asset seems a bubble close to bust? Sit tight and wait for another down turn, or find off market deals and flip? Living in Chicago , with high taxes and rising even more” What […]

4 More Easy Ways to Improve Your Storage Facility’s Impact on the Environment

Commercial Real Estate Investing

In a previous article we talked about how going paperless, working with a LEER-contractor, and adding landscaping can go a long way in making your facility more eco-friendly, which in turn will bring in more customers. Let’s touch on a few more ways you can do this! 1.Make Use of Energy Star Products These cover […]

Use Social Media to your Advantage

Self Storage Investing - Business

Did you know that 69% of American adults use at least one form of social media regularly? As the internet continues to dominate, it is important for you, as a business owner to follow suit when it comes to your marketing. Want to know the best thing about using social media as a marketing platform? […]

Can “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” boosting your storage unit rental occupancy?

Self Storage Investing

By now most people are familiar with Marie Kondo and her fantastic home organization skills. This mini series on Netflix has changed the way people are cleaning, organizing, and decluttering their homes! Marie Kondo’s inspiring tips are inspiring thousands. But what is the key to her organizing? She encourages people to stop clinging to things […]

Color Theory and the Self Storage Facility Owner

Self Storage Investors

Have you ever tried to envision what life would be like if it was in black and white? Watching tv with my grandparents always got me thinking about what that would be like. No admiring the way the colors of a rainbow run together. No determining how juicy a strawberry will be just by looking […]

Ask Scott: Negotiating Zoning Problems

Self Storage Investing - Scott Meyers

“We just got shut done on a Self Storage Project in a rural community.  The land use plan basically talks about exclusively agriculture only and no commercial use.  How does a person begin to navigate getting approval for a self storage building?  We have made it blend in with the surrounding farmland by modeling it […]

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Storage Facility’s Impact on the Environment

Self Storage Investors - Business

Marketing a self storage facility today can be a bit of a challenge! How can you make this easier on yourself and ultimately make your business more successful? By making your facility more environmentally friendly. Consumers love supporting companies who are going green and who are making an effort to be environmentally-conscious. It doesn’t matter […]

Filling a Self Storage Unit: Think Vertical!

Mezzanine Investing - Self Storage

By using a storage unit, you can achieve maximum efficiency by reducing the amount of clutter in the home and in the office. Make the best of your off-site storage with by utilizing the following tips: Where to Put the Furniture The manner in which you arrange your belongings will be a direct impact on […]

Ask Scott: Shipping Container Facility

Commercial Real Estate Investing

“Does anyone have any experience with shipping container storage facilities? I’m looking for container suppliers.  Planning to start with a few 10 x 20 containers and see how it goes.  Anyone with experience who’s brain I can pick. We are looking to diversify from Buy and Hold RE.” Hey! The Shipping Containers that we recommend […]

Tips for Combining Households

Investing in Storage Units

There is no refuting that combining two households is an exciting time and step in life. This time, though, can also bring its fair share of stress. Don’t let disagreements dampen your enthusiasm! Take heed of the advice below when starting down the path of combining your lives together. Ditch the Clutter Making yourselves a […]

Ask Scott: “On Demand Storage”

Commercial Real Estate Investing

“Curious if you have researched this new business model of “On Demand Storage”?  I noticed UHaul appears to be going “all in” on the U-Box.  In Texas we have seen Call Box Storage open up in DFW, Austin, and Houston.  There are several others that appear to be off and running – Makespace, Stash Storage, […]

When the Worst Case Scenario Happens

Scott Meyers - Business

There are horror stories about self storage facilities all over. You read them in the paper, see them portrayed on tv shows, and maybe have even experienced some yourself. Have you ever thought to take a step back, though, and make a plan on what to do if you find yourself and your facility in […]

Ask Scott: Equilibrium Sq Ft per Person in Rural Areas

Self Storage Investors

“I have read that for determining equilibrium a good rule of thumb is to use an avg of somewhere between 7-8 sq ft of self storage per person within the radius you are analyzing.  However we all know each market is very different.  In analyzing small towns in more rural areas what number do people suggest […]

Manage You Self Storage Investment with Care

rossville self storage

If you are the owner of a self storage facility, you are one of the many who helped to break some industry records! With so much competition popping up, passive management is no longer an option! If you want to survive the boom in the industry, you are going to have to dig your heels […]

Ask Scott: Getting Started in Self Storage

Private Placement Memorandums - Storage Professional

“Hey Scott! I’m looking for some ideas on how to get started. I listened to a few BP podcasts yesterday on self-storage, launromats, RV parks, etc. but was hoping to get a bit more granular on specific steps one should take in order to: explore the market (resources for this – where to look, etc.) find prospective […]

3 Tips for Self Storage Newbies

Self Storage Investing Tips

I’m a member of a few real estate forums out here on the interwebs, and I get notified when the topic of self storage becomes active. So, when I spy a post where someone is about to make a major mistake because of their laziness or outright ignorance (and I say that with peace and love), […]

Where To Find Self Storage Facilities For Sale

Searing For Self Storage Facilities

Okay, so you’re convinced you want to look at buying an existing self storage facility, but how do you go about finding suitable opportunities?   Well as we’ve already discussed, with all of the advantages that self-storage facilities offer, this makes it difficult to find a number of facilities for sale compared to other property types […]

Things To Know When Starting Your Own Self Storage Business!

Plan For Investing

It’s a start! A first-time self-entrepreneur in the industry of self-storage business has understandably a lot of questions in mind. Is there a guarantee that I will profit from this? What are the chances that this is not a dead-end industry? What are the business’ limitations? Obviously, a first-timer has their own jitters as they […]

What Does A Self-Storage Business Manager Really Do?

Investing in Storage Units

Self-storage is a business where a tenant rents out a unit or space from a storage facility for personal or professional use. He can access it anytime while he’s renting it. The self-storage business manager is the person who runs and operates a self-storage business facility. On-site self-storage business managers (living within the facility) and […]

Tips for Video Marketing

Investing in Self Storage

If you’ve ever wondered about video marketing, in this video I provide a quick glimpse on how to market your facility online, primarily through social media. A few tools of the trade don’t have to be progressive as you think. You don’t have to have a production company or a $1,000 camera. In fact, it’s pretty incredible what […]

Insurance Programs for Self-Storage Tenants

Investing in Storage Units

People store their belongings to self storage facilities for various reasons. However, some people who rent the units assume that the self storage owner will automatically provide insurance for every belonging that they store. It is true that self-storage facility providers are responsible for ensuring that the clients’ possessions are protected. On the other hand, […]

How to Analyze a Self-Storage Facility

Invest in Storage Units

Whether you’re an experienced self-storage investor or exploring the opportunities that exist in this industry, a baseline understanding of the steps to consider when acquiring a facility will aid in making smart decisions. Check out my video and learn some of the basics, such as: Eliminate the “Guesswork” When Evaluating Facilities Capitalize on Undervalued Bargains in […]

How to Finance Your Self Storage Business

Self Storage Financing

Financing a self-storage acquisition has never been simple, though it can be time-consuming. Knowing about the loan products available to buyers and understanding the process will help. The first step is determining which financing best suits your needs is to define your investment goals. These days, it’s easier to buy an existing facility than to […]

How to Raise Private Funds to Buy Self Storage Facilities

How to Fund Your Self Storage Purchase

In this week’s video, I share a few tips on how to find private investors to fund your self storage acquisitions. The biggest question of all is usually “Where do we find money?” How do we find and prequalify those who may be interested in investing? The answer is easier than you may think; it’s the […]

Self Storage Employment Law Explained

Self Storage Employment

I realize that running a self storage business is not easy when you’re mostly trying to rent units, but self storage facility owners need to also avoid legal pitfalls to make sure they are complying with all of the laws involved with having employees. This article will discuss a few topics about employment law and the risks […]

Self Storage Aggregators Explained

Investing in Storage Units

Most of the folks in the self storage industry have seen or heard a number of articles – whether located in blogs, chat rooms, etc. – about the war on the aggregators right now, which is being led by one self storage operator in Texas. During this controversy, I’ve been sitting back in the sidelines, talking […]

Defining Self Storage


In 2012, the self storage business reached $2.1 billion in sales. This number, along with the business’ minimal planning for tenants to rent space, has attracted investors who are looking a way to expand their business operations. With eyes on the prize, there is no surprise why there are investors who don’t even know what self-storage […]

Self Storage Franchises Explained

Self Storage Investing

We’ve had a lot of visitors to our website seeking information on Self Storage Franchises. I posted a video on our YouTube channel where you can learn everything you need to know. Check it out below!

How to Start a Self Storage Business

Invest in Self Storage

You’ve probably read from Inc. Magazine or Wall Street Journal or Entrepreneur Magazine why self storage is the fastest growing sector of real estate and small business in the U.S. over the past several years especially during this recession. I was like you several years ago, an almost bankrupt landlord in the tenant-toilet business with over 400 […]

Looking Back at the Self Storage Industry

Investing in Self Storage

In the last decade, the most profitable and sure-fire real estate investment was not grand office buildings or trendy restaurants or luxury resorts – it was simply just self storage. Self storage continues to grow year over year mainly because of two things. First, Americans move a lot. There are only a handful of families […]

Marketing Your Self-Storage Business

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“Hey, have you heard of *business name*?” “Who what now?” Novice business owners might think that it’s a waste of time, but marketing plays a huge part in any form of business, even in the self-storage industry. It won’t matter how good your product or service is, if they haven’t heard about it, no customers. […]

Self Storage Business Expansions Prove Market is Stable

Self Storage Investors

With the current strain that the economy has caused many businesses, it’s not hard to see why many have began to broaden their horizons.  In uncertain times, small business owners are the first to realize just how much a bum economy can affect their profits.  And as property owners, their services may be some of […]

Building a Self Storage Business

Self Storage Business

All Across the United States, entrepreneurs are talking about the self storage business. The word is out that investing in the mini storage business can be very profitable. And it’s not just the experienced investors that have their eye on the Self Storage Business prize. With lower building and management costs than virtually all other […]

Commercial Real Estate Investing’s Biggest Secret


Has the ongoing recession and lack of development capital left you wondering how to get into Commercial Real Estate? Well one strategy that some investors are beginning to consider is investing in Small, Class C Self Storage Facilities – many of which can be bought for less than the cost of a Single Family Home. […]