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Self Storage Academy

Every year, thousands of self storage investors, owners, and syndicators attend the Self Storage Academy to discover “What’s Working In Self Storage NOW!”

Join dozens of fellow investors for a hands on training for the latest self storage investing strategies, analysis, deal structures, and syndication secrets by Scott Meyers and his team.

NOTE: This is NOT a multi-speaker event, a ‘pitch fest’, a marketing 101 workshop, OR a weekend of old and outdated information.


“How to get all the private money…
That you’ll ever need”

This is your opportunity to see cutting-edge syndication strategies that are creating a killing for a “select group” of commercial real estate investors and self-storage professionals.

Here’s the reality: the economy is making it difficult for most commercial real estate investors, but there are a “handful” that are doing better than they were BEFORE the recession!

Those that are clinging to the old methods of investing are slowly dying off. Just take a look around… But those that are quick to adapt are taking control of the marketplace and creating serious wealth right in front of your very eyes by tapping into the over 32 billion private money arena.

It’s for Developers It’s For Investors. It’s….


Get ready for three full days of content and networking, where you’ll learn what’s working NOW in self storage development, and how you can take advantage of the incredible demand for self-storage facilities in virtually every market.

There’s a Fundamental Shift Taking Place in Self Storage Development

The recent recession forced a number of businesses and individuals to downsize or pursue shared accommodations.

This created a nationwide spike in demand in storage for all that excess inventory and personal items that businesses and individuals couldn’t part with.