Since 2008, we’ve helped more than 2,000+ students create prosperity through real estate investing in a low-risk, high cash flow business. The strategies to invest in storage units we teach not only allow you to start your business in your spare time, but also allow you to do so without a significant amount of capital or credit to start.

Our goal is to create


self storage millionaires by the end of 2020

since 2008, we've helped more than

0 +

students create prosperity through real estate investing in a low-risk, high cash flow business.


From the comfort of home to in front of a live stage to in-person group coaching, students around the world have found extra income as a result of our programs – and many are turning their side business of investing in storage units into a full time career.

Jason Fahl - Self Storage Investors

Jason Fahl

I learned how to get the education – know what to do AND what Not to do, Work the system to find the Deals, and Network to find the Money. I now have many possibilities from quick resale to holding for long term cash flow and equity.

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Jon Ginger Griffeth - Self Storage Investors

Jon & Ginger Griffeth

The Strategy that helped us the most was the direct mail and valuation process, it helped us land a great deal. We have improved operations and collections, raised prices, added merchandise, and will be selling the property this year in order to move on to bigger projects.

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Marc Liz - Self Storage Investors

Marc & Liz

We presented a project that we had been “eyeing” for quite some time.  It was a unique and challenging conversion opportunity in a VERY Strong Market.   We were blown away by the feedback and the suggestions we received at the Mastermind which reaffirmed our desire to purchase this property.  Having multiple sets of experienced eyes …

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Matt Woeber - Self Storage Investors

Matt Woeber

You tear a deal down and then you put it back together with the assistance of the group.”  The first day was, I think, six or seven deals, and the second day was even more, so I feel like I got a large amount of exposure to a variety of deals all the way from …

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Monica Owen - Self Storage Investing

Monica Owen

In our market, it’s very, very competitive, and that’s where we came to the conclusion that we would have to be developing, which takes a whole lot more money. So we needed to come to a Mastermind in order to connect with people that had money and could help us develop the property that we …

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Sandy smith - Self Storage Investing

Sandy Smitih

I went to a Mastermind and we had a deal kinda come across the table.  He wanted to know if anybody wanted to run with it we looked at one and said “Holy cow!  This has prospects!”  I was the first one to jump in and went home and did a little bit more research …

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Stephanie Walters -Self Storage Investing

Stephanie Walters

The Mentoring program is the key to completion. Without my wise coach and the “A” Team, my time, commitment, and efforts would have waned. This program demands active participation in a very friendly and professional environment. I now know how to expand and convert my facility.

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Sue Steven Southwell - Self Storage Investing

Sue & Steven Southwell

We asked her, “Well how did you find your first property”?  And she said, “Well, I went to one of Masterminds and it was one that … A deal that somebody else brought that they couldn’t fund themselves … They couldn’t take it on and I just took it”.  And so we’re looking at … …

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Tim Kanke - Self Storage Investing

Tim Kanke

I learned to obtain a feasibility study and not to be cheap about it, Hire a general contractor when starting out, and have your plans figured out up front.  Making changes to plans mid stream can be dificult to maneuver with the City P and Z. I also learned to be careful about everything you …

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Val Gary - Self Storage Investing

Val & Gary

I know you’re a very busy guy but I wanted to send you an email thanking you for allowing Val and I to join your program a year ago, attend the academies, Masterminds, and learn from you and your team. Each and every time we attend your events we learn something new, this past week …

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Wendell Long - Self Storage Investing

Wendell Long

Been in real estate, now, for over 30 years. a couple of years ago, joined his mastermind, and the input and direction [the Mastermind] gave us to take our company to the next level has been great. We’ve looked at a lot of deals, and I think this has helped us a lot to NOT …

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Larry Horton - Self Storage Investors

Larry Horton

The biggest strategy I learned from Scott is knowing when to walk away from the wrong deal.

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